Fall Festival is Nigh!


October 27, 10 a.m.
The Hub’s 3rd Annual Fall Festival is less than two weeks away, and we need to rustle up our full posse. Other Western-genre references. In city talk: Help us to serve Jesus by loving the families of Sunland-Tujunga with this outreach event. In two Sundays, this will be our morning worship, and our sermon will be the stories we hear as we listen to what Gød is doing in the lives of our neighbors.

What We Still Need:
1. 50 burgers
3. 50 of something vegetarian
4. 250 hot-dog holders
5. 350 napkins
6. 50 individual-sized bags of chips
7. 2 big condiment variety packs
8. 2 big Costco-sized tubs of cream cheese
9. Tons of candy
10. Non-candy trick-or-treat treats (fun pencil erasers, etc.)
11. Monetary donations (still about $85 needed)

Help Spread the Word
(In three easy steps or more):
1. Follow this link represented by the blue underlined hypertext you’re reading right now.
2. Print as normal. (Call IT as needed.)
3. Post the resultant flier at your favorite watering hole—or least objectionable water cooler.
To sign up, or for all other things Fall Festival, be sure to contact Sana, quick as you like.

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