Annual Christmas Offering (2014)

December 2014

Dear Friends,
As children transition into adulthood their needs change. One of the things that change is their source of advice and influence.  Children look to their parents for love, support, and advice.  As children approach 11 and 12 years old they start to look for other sources of love, support and advice.  This is why teachers and coaches are so important!  This year, our Annual Christmas Offering is going 100% toward hiring a youth leader for the teens of the Hub.  Last year we raised $12,000 for our children and children’s Sunday program.  This year we need to take the next step and raise $12,000 to hire a leader who will offer love, support, and advice in the context of Christian discipleship.  Imagine what could happen in our families, church, school, and town if the Hub had a staff person dedicated to discipling our teens.  Let’s create the future together!
Please give to our Annual Christmas Offering so we can hire a youth leader.